We love your random acts of kindness and pay-it-forward deeds so we're keeping a list.  In big and small ways, we are all making our world a more loving place to live.  Keep it going........

1.  Sarah reported that her hairstylist gave a woman in a check out line money as the woman was short.  How many times have we seen this happen and not respond.  This is a lesson for all of us.  I'll bet the giver felt GREAT!!

2.  Lobsterman Danner for creating a special gift for a special person every year.

3.  Jerry friend of Anonymous poster.  When he eats out and encounters a member of our military in uniform with his or her family will quietly pay their bill and demand to remain anonymous with restaurant staff.  Way to support our troops and show them that you care.
Much love, and Prayer.

4.  Jennifer Dionne from New Hampshire who found my lost article in the airport restaurant and mailed it to me overnight, at her expense. 

5.  Mom and Dad who chose to give their washer and dryer to a hard working family rather than make a few bucks off of it.  They really blessed a family who no longer has to waste precious time at the laundry mat and can give it to their special needs daughter instead.

6.  I have to nominate my son for your honor roll. As you know he recently started his own business and money is tight. A neighbor told him about a disabled vet and his wife who hadn't had water in months because of a broken water line. He and his partner went to the trailer and dug up the line to repair it. They worked in below zero temperatures until 10 PM, each taking turns digging while the other one warmed up in the truck. They asked him how he showered and he said they hadn't been able to. When he asked them what it cost, Matt told him nothing as they appreciated what he had sacrificed for our country. The man, with tears in his eyes, said he was the first person who had done anything for them since he returned from Iraq. My son told him what goes around comes around, and he would get repaid ten fold. Sometimes he makes me so proud to be his Mom! Sent to me by his mother Jimmylea Perry.  My son's website

7.  To my friend Roxanne Ashey who is my oldest and dearest friend.  She is planning a fundraiser so that she may take me to Cancun, Mexico to celebrate my 40th birthday.  It is the biggest thing we have done as friends and certainly a dream come true for me.  Roxanne you are a wonderful friend who is trying to give me a special gift.


Peggy D'Angiolillo, Scarlet Thread Sister said...

I am so pleased to see this section here in your Blogspot. I was reminded of a time not that long ago that I was in line at our local Arby's and I decided to ask the drive threw clerk to let me pay for the customer behind me . It actually took me explaining this 3 times before she would let me pay for her /his meal. Random acts of Kindness truly catch people off guard sadly because people including myself have become jaded. I thank my Jesus for calming my heart and accepting the goodness of others and taking that jadedness away!

Peggy DAngiolillo said...

I had the absolute pleasure of sharing Christmas Love with my Neighbors when I took them Christmas Gift shopping for their 4 Grand babies. To see the tear in her eyes hurt but the smile I know it will bring to her grands is priceless.

Christmas for me this year is 100% about sharing Gods love with others and if its through a few gifts or some cookies or a chat with a friend I will do so with Susan's spirit in mind as I would like to think its sharing a lil love in her memory. Merry Christmas Season Susan you are missed and treasured as God shared you with me if for only a lil while. Peggy ....Scarlet thread sister <3