Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Thanking God for a Broken Back

In September 09 I began having terrible back pain and spasms.  I continued working and taking care of my baby although I was unable to get up off the floor at times or walk very well.  I was receiving chiropractic care and finally after about two weeks of suffering my chiropractor Dr. Cyndi Beam in Colorado Springs ordered me to see my doctor (back pain like that does not last more than two weeks she told me).  I believe that she was instrumental in saving my life.

I am so thankful that I did call and make a doctor's appointment because that was what led to my cancer diagnosis and to this journey I am on now as I am seeking my healing.  The Bible says that if you seek you will find, if you ask it will be given and if you knock the door will be open.  Well I proclaim that I am seeking, asking and knocking on lots of doors looking for my healing so that I may be here to raise my child and make a difference in other people's lives.

I will gladly share this journey with you on this blog.  Fighting cancer, parenting a 16 month old, participating in a family and counseling solidiers and families is a full plate but I am willing to portion out some of my time to this endeavor in the hopes that I may inspire or assist someone.  If that someone turns out to be you please contact me and tell me how.

It turns out that I had stage 4 Breast Cancer that had moved into my bone marrow and weakened my spine to the point that I had osteoporosis and had a compression fracture in the L3 vertebrae.  It is rare that a 38 year old woman has a compression fracture so my doctor probed further.  At this time I was enjoying my new baby and nursing.  I had never had a mammogram or any sign that something may be amiss except for fatigue but all new mothers have that dont they?