Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.    This past year brought some of the most raw emotional experiences that we ever experienced that were also some of the sweetest.    Even though we will miss Susan every minute of every day, we are determined to live in a place of joy and without regret.   We discovered anew the richness of friends and family as they gathered around us in our time of tragedy.   We learned great lessons from Susan herself as she uncovered what she called the “blessings” in her cancer diagnosis.  She listed some of those as personal growth, new friends, and letting go of what is not important.   She is amazing (present tense) and we look forward to a joyous reunion, meanwhile we have a lot of living to do.   In 2013 we look forward to the birth of a new granddaughter and reuniting with old and new friends.   We anticipate some traveling, continuing to assist Huy with the care and feeding of a soon- to- be four year old, playing golf, and enjoying retirement. 

These are my New Year's thoughts and goals as we start again.
1.       What I want to be known for:  kindness. 
2.       Point always to the truth of the cross.  We are born to die but redeemed to live eternally if we are safe in Christ.   Focus on the eternal.  
3.       Love extravagantly and unconditionally.  You don't know how much time you have to lavish care and affection on the people you cherish.  Tell them often and sincerely.
4.       Give extravagantly.  Same as above.  For me, the best gift is time but thoughtful and caring gestures are important too. 
5.       Forgive quickly and often.  No one is perfect.
6.       Make memories, lots of them, with those you care about. 
7.       Work on being a better listener.  Give people the courtesy of your full attention when you are with them.   
8.       Encourage, affirm, and build up those in your presence.  (you is kind, you is smart, you is important)
9.       Live without regrets.  If you have regrets, fix them while you still have time.
10.    Practice happiness and find joy in all things.  You may not be able to change your circumstances but you can choose your reaction.