Sunday, March 14, 2010

My Apologies To Brooke Shields

Have you seen those commercials for Latisse? The commercials feature Brooke Shields dancing with a man and batting her eyes in a coquettish fashion. When I initially saw the commercial I had this real judgemental thought in my head. "Yeah right" I thought. Now who in their right mind would buy a product like that?

Fast forward a few months and I would have parted with an arm for a bottle of the stuff. I never lost all of my hair but it thinned out pretty good. My eyelashes and eyebrows lasted until about March when they had thinned to the point of non-existence.

During one of my Doctors appointments at Rocky Mountain Cancer I mentioned that I was feeling pretty depressed about the whole situation. Dr. Matei mentioned that knew of a product that would reverse the situation. I was shocked. Really? Wow. Sign me up. My heart sank when she mentioned the product by name. My apologies to Brooke Shields for every judgemental, nasty thought and eye rolls at her eye batting. I know now that she was simply demonstrating her thick, full eye lashes a very important selling point.

On my quest to obtain the Latisse I would have forded rivers, climbed mountains and crossed oceans. This fabulous stuff is pricey, as it sells for around $130, for a teeny, tiny 3 ml bottle and is worth every penny. It is liquid gold. It comes with little soft brush applicators that deliver hope and promise with every stroke.

As you scrutinize your face from every angle you dream of the day when Brooke Shields will have nothing on you. I tried to imagine which song would be playing while my husband twirls me around the living room enamored by the beauty full eyebrows bring. If you dont believe that eyebrows are important I will inclue a non-eye brow picture here and you can see for yourself.
Anyhow, I wanted to let you know that I am taken to the woodshed now and again. I have asked for forgiveness for being judgmental and am working on being a better person. I have a little chuckle at myself when I see my image in the mirror now fully adorned with brows and lashes. When I open the medicine cabinet my precious bottle of Latisse sits there in the event I need to call upon it in the future.
It just goes to show you how much we take for granted. I never knew how much I appreciated my eyebrows and eyelashes until recently. I never realized how thrilled I would be at their re-growth. Thank you Latisse, Dr. Matei and a warm thank you to stunning Brooke Shields.