Saturday, July 21, 2012

My Wheelchair

My wheel chair was stolen out of the hospital while I was having a procedure done.  It was not a hospital chair, but a loaner from a dear friend.  When we got ready to leave, we were horrified at this discovery, as were the hospital staff who promised to find it and return it to us.

Life is full of ups and downs, and I suppose that this wheelchair symbolizes that for me.  I never wanted to be a forty year old woman in a wheelchair but I can't get around without it so I am grateful for it. I am working with a Physical Therapist to recover my leg strength and walk unassisted again.  I am making progress and hope to put this one away again real soon.

Sometimes, it is not how you get there but the journey itself that is important.  Every once and awhile, it is how you get there.  I can assure you that God didn't let us suffer long with the heavy hospital wheelchair.  He provided us with a similar used transport chair and then returned the original back to us. I have been incredibly supported by so many people, which is represented, by the way the chair holds me physically and carries me to where I need to go as I recover.

Other times, or, and also, it is the journey.  I am learning about friendship, health, navigating the medical health system, communication, patience and so on and so forth.  You may call me amazing for having a good attitude in times of crisis but I will continue to shrug you off.  I have to focus on the tasks at hand.  I don't want to waste any energy on something that will detract from my success and my outcome.  For now, whether I be working physically, spiritually, or otherwise, I am working on learning what I am meant to learn. So, that I may proceed on to what may be a more pleasant aspect of this journey and I will try to maintain a good attitutude.  There are plenty of bad attitude days as well. 

This is the wheelchair that was taken and returned.  I had the photo taken in the flower garden my upstairs neighbor planted for me to cheer my window.