Saturday, October 20, 2012

Party Time - October 20, 2012

During the fight of our lives, one of the facts that Susan took great satisfaction in was that she had beaten all of the dire predictions.  In truth, the predictions about life expectancy or prognosis were shielded from us.  Dr. Matai and her team simply didn’t go there, ever.  I think I can understand this (I could be wrong) but I believe they don’t like to give false hope – or squelch true hope.  Much is written about how patients with truly serious disease can beat it and how the power of prayer, ferocious will to live, and an unstoppable positive spirit can be as or more beneficial than the toxic poisons they pump in. 

So, coming up on the third anniversary of the weekend that changed our lives, Susan announced that it was party time!   A celebration was in order to commemorate three years of living with and thus beating the cancer that had changed our lives.  And so, Susan being Susan, she took control and planned a party!!

First of all, the menu.  She vetoed my offer of cooking and said that we were all taking the day off.  She googled the menu at Texas Roadhouse and promptly ordered pulled pork; cornbread, beans, salads and all of her favorite sides.  Next, the guest list; all of the folks and family who had stood by her through all of these days.  Jimmy, Marilyn, Terri, Chris, Jan and Roger were invited and those who could joined Paul and I, Huy and Tan and enjoyed the victorious afternoon.  It didn’t matter that the disease was probably winning.  It didn’t seem important that Susan sat in her wheelchair for the party.  On this Saturday afternoon in October 2012, we declared victory and celebrated.  We celebrated loss and gain, new friends, new perspectives, deeper faith, appreciation for family and friends, a wonder child, laughter and joy, but mostly, we celebrated Susan!!   

Everyone should throw themselves a party from time to time!!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

People Collecting

My son Tan is a friendly three year old who loves people.  So much so, he is quick to hug, stroke or touch others as he hasn't learned "boundaries" yet.  He refers to his groups as his "people," as if he does in fact own them, and in his way he does.  He operates in this community, as much as the rest of us.  He teaches me so much about interacting with our community and I like to remind myself to be sure my boundaries don't become excuses to with hold loving touches from those who need them.

One thing you may not know about me is that I am an avid craigslister.  I am commonly greeted with questions about my purchases or sales.  People suspect I love a bargain, who doesn't?  I think though, that I got hooked by the amazing people, I was given the gift, of meeting on that day for that reason.

I purchased a gift today on craigslist and the owner brought it to me.  Your not gonna get a lot offers from sellers to deliver on a $10 purchase so this was special.   The world is full of kind and generous people you can find them everywhere.

One day, Dad and I were chasing down an electrolux vacuum, when we met Morris.  He gave us a tour of his home and related the history of  it and local things.  Longest sale of a vacuum on record.  Just kidding.  It was the most fun any of the three of us had in awhile and we all said so.  Have you ever wanted to check out those bungalows downtown?  I had an appointment, so we had to leave sooner than we wanted, so sadly we made unkept promises to return and left.  I just have to reiterate it was hands down...most fun purchase of all time and the treat was meeting Morris.